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It started with an idea...

It is my hope that the island will serve as an ecological model... not only a tourist preserve but a marine preserve as well a place for all manner of scientific research and investigation...
- Marlon Brando


about us

Tetiaroa Society (TS) is a US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization designated by the owners of the atoll as the environmental steward of Tetiaroa with authority and responsibility to manage, conserve and protect Tetiaroa as a natural reserve. TS develops and carries out conservation and education, hosts scientific research, and curates the island's knowledge-base. We partner with The Brando to introduce resort guests to the nature and culture of the island, and to establish Tetiaroa as a model for island/earth sustainability where businesses and charities work together for the benefit of communities and nature.






Our mission is to manage Tetiaroa so that its future is as rich as its past – strengthening its resilience to global change, enhancing its ecosystem services, and preserving its culture.

Grounded in our experience and actions on Tetiaroa, our vision is an Island Earth Initiative that weaves enlightened values, traditional wisdom, and scientific understanding into a new fabric for a sustainable world.


Who we are, what we do, and why we care

Tetiaroa Society staff

Frank Murphy

Executive Director

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Head Ranger

Ecostation Manager

Aeata Richerd

Head Guide

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