the nature of tetiaroa in the news

What's happening on Tetiaroa: research, conservation, and nature.

Obama visited the Tetiaroa Society Research Center

President Obama spent three weeks at The Brando resort, using the time to work on his latest book. While here he visited the Tetiaroa Society Ecostation to meet our team and hear about our research and conservation programs. We had three different research teams onsite, and each one was able to discuss their work with the president… read more

Moana and a strawberry hermit crab

Check out this story from National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World site.

Red footed Booby Sleeping on his Nest on the motu Hiraanae, North side of Tetiaroa. Tetiaroa is one of those rare and preserved places in French Polynesia where marine birds can rest and nest peacefully. As many species of marine birds identified on the atoll, the Red footed booby nests once or twice a year. 

Can't wait to see the… read more